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Week Three – Design Process and Planning

This Week’s topics: Design Process Overview and Planning

Summary: The design process is actually a continuous process which can be repeated for numerous of times. Through different stages of the design process, designers are able to progress and develop their ideas from the information and inspirations they gain from each experience. From information research to creating the persona and then through the interaction of the persona with the given situation, the scenario is created. From these creations of personas and scenarios, the designers can more easily identify the target audience of the product.

A detailed explanation of the main stages of the design process.

Image Source: “Agile Software Development Methodology.” Agile Methodology. Web. 19 Mar. 2012. <>.

Reflection: From the lecture, I realised that in order to begin any type of visual design, information research is needed as the essential part of the project which many people may think little of it. In order for the designer to create an effective design, the information from the brief, the research through user personas and scenarios form the basis of the idea for the actual real product. This planning process is like the combination of observations and inspirations, analysing and addressing of the brief and also the ideas and design.

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