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Planning – Personas, Scenarios and Wireframes

User Personas is the fictional archetypal users, in other words, a typical of a certain kind of person that is created in order to help as a tool for the target audience research of designers’ projects. The persona is created in order to create user scenarios.

User Scenario is a possible narrative of a situation – which normally through the use of the created user persona – and the interaction between of the persona and the systems which are to be tested on. In order to have a more dependable outcome, there are a number of aspects which the scenario have to be looked into and these aspects are the persona’s reactions, the goals that he/she is trying to achieve, the expectations of the system and the motivation of the persona towards the interaction he/she has with the machine.

As for the Artefact Persona is the persona for the project, itself.

The image below is a visual diagram that shows the ten steps from research to creating the persona and with the interaction of the persona with the given situation, the scenario is created. From these creations of personas and scenarios, the designers can more easily identify the target audience of the product.

Image Source for Both Image

The image below shows the steps which through the use of the created persona and also the situation the persona is in with other aspects which needs to be taken into count in order to create an effective scenario.

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