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Week Five – Interface Design Review

This week’s topic: Interface Design Review

Summary:The level of transparency reveals the success of an interface, so in other words, if the interactive operates without any difficulties, that means the interface is effective as it became an ignored and forgotten function. The six fundamentals and principles of interface are visual focus, problem solving, contextual, conceptual, wholeness, linear / nonlinear. These fundamental principles forms the basis of layout for any kinds of design as they include the mapping and navigation, the point of interest and eye tracking, the grouping of information as well as the setting out of icons and graphics.

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Reflection: Interface plays such an important role in design as it operates the entire user experiences of the interactive. No matter if it’s a piece of information or graphics, the layout and composition of the design is vital as it indicates as well as communicates. By understanding the concept of interface and exploring the fundamental principles, designers can more effective express the idea which they are proposed to do.

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❝ Interface Design Review ❞

Interface (“the in-between thing”) : 

  • Common Boundary
  • Between Thing(s)
  • A point of interaction within an interaction
  • Medium across which data passes

The level of transparency reveals the success of an interface, so in other words, if the interactive operates without any difficulties, that means the interface is effective as it became an ignored and forgotten function.


1. Hypertextual Navigation (users’ own research and decisions on selected information)

Image Source: Google Search


2. Immersive Navigation (Virtual reality – the generating of a simulated three-dimensional space)

Image Source: Counter Strike


3. Registrational Interactivity (Commenting and Responding within collective information)

Image Source: Facebook


4. Interactive Communications (person to person/face-to-face communication)

Image Source: FaceTime


Principles serve as broad guides

Draw on design theory

Emerge from print or poster design guidelines

User Perception


Six Fundamentals / Principles:

  1. Visual Focus : to show the focus of certain information as well as indicating functional elements.
  2. Problem Solving : multiple navigation and mapping pathways to gain access to expanded information.
  3. Contextual : anchoring of navigation tools in consistent locations to provide useful content and relevant links.
  4. Conceptual : Use familiar icons and graphics are placed in consistent context to help users’ operations of the interactive.
  5. Wholeness : Using various use of shapes, colour, contrasting and space to group related content and identify the structure and layout of design
  6. Linear / Nonlinear : The use of visuals and graphics to help identify the starting and ending of certain information.

Information Reference: Hughes, Greg. “Interface Design Review” Lecture. Interface Design Review. 16 Mar. 2012. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.


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Interaction Design

What is interaction design?

The five essential elements for designing interaction:

– Interactivity
– Information architecture
Time and motion

However, in order to create an interface (a device or program that enables a user to communicate or interact with the computer), narrative, time and motion becomes the main aspects.  (Last accessed: 10.03.2012)

Within Bill Verplank’s lecture, he defines interaction design as three “how do …” questions.
– How do you do?
(How to interact with the world around us? What kinds of methods are to be used to interact with the world?)

– How do you feel?
(How to get feed back from the world? The feed back of how effective the methods that were used for people to interact with.)

– How do you know? 
(How to know and what to expect of the users’ knowledge of certain things in order to provide the right ways for them to interact and understand?)  (Last accessed: 10.03.2012)

Computer Games: 


Doodle Hangman.  (Last accessed: 10.03.2012)

Games are one of the most engaging type of interaction design, as it requires the user to think, engage and respond to different situations within the virtual world.

Media Video Files:

Black Rock Shooter. (last accessed: 10.03.2012)

Media Video Files are less interactive, since other than watching it, there may be no other interaction. So if the person actually don’t like the video that they are watching, it will not be engaging, in other words, the file won’t be interactive.
However, there is another type of interaction within video files which many young generation would know and it’s the reading of subtitles. SInce many videos now-a-days, may be in other languages which one may not understand and so subtitles is required. This form of interaction are starting to get popular with the raise in Japanese animation and other language films.
Information Reference: Waterson, Sarah. “An overview of interaction and interactive design” Lecture. Week Two – Interaction-Interactivity. 27 Feb. 2012. Sat 10 Mar. 2012.


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