Week Five – Interface Design Review

25 Mar

This week’s topic: Interface Design Review

Summary:The level of transparency reveals the success of an interface, so in other words, if the interactive operates without any difficulties, that means the interface is effective as it became an ignored and forgotten function. The six fundamentals and principles of interface are visual focus, problem solving, contextual, conceptual, wholeness, linear / nonlinear. These fundamental principles forms the basis of layout for any kinds of design as they include the mapping and navigation, the point of interest and eye tracking, the grouping of information as well as the setting out of icons and graphics.

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Reflection: Interface plays such an important role in design as it operates the entire user experiences of the interactive. No matter if it’s a piece of information or graphics, the layout and composition of the design is vital as it indicates as well as communicates. By understanding the concept of interface and exploring the fundamental principles, designers can more effective express the idea which they are proposed to do.

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