❝ Interface Design Review ❞

25 Mar

Interface (“the in-between thing”) : 

  • Common Boundary
  • Between Thing(s)
  • A point of interaction within an interaction
  • Medium across which data passes

The level of transparency reveals the success of an interface, so in other words, if the interactive operates without any difficulties, that means the interface is effective as it became an ignored and forgotten function.


1. Hypertextual Navigation (users’ own research and decisions on selected information)

Image Source: Google Search


2. Immersive Navigation (Virtual reality – the generating of a simulated three-dimensional space)

Image Source: Counter Strike


3. Registrational Interactivity (Commenting and Responding within collective information)

Image Source: Facebook


4. Interactive Communications (person to person/face-to-face communication)

Image Source: FaceTime


Principles serve as broad guides

Draw on design theory

Emerge from print or poster design guidelines

User Perception


Six Fundamentals / Principles:

  1. Visual Focus : to show the focus of certain information as well as indicating functional elements.
  2. Problem Solving : multiple navigation and mapping pathways to gain access to expanded information.
  3. Contextual : anchoring of navigation tools in consistent locations to provide useful content and relevant links.
  4. Conceptual : Use familiar icons and graphics are placed in consistent context to help users’ operations of the interactive.
  5. Wholeness : Using various use of shapes, colour, contrasting and space to group related content and identify the structure and layout of design
  6. Linear / Nonlinear : The use of visuals and graphics to help identify the starting and ending of certain information.

Information Reference: Hughes, Greg. “Interface Design Review” Lecture. Interface Design Review. 16 Mar. 2012. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.


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